Yoga is a holistic well-being approach for body, mind and soul.

Yoga is about the connection with yourself and with one another and the transformation of the flow on your mat into your daily life – “Beauty is the way how you respond.”

Get to know Makona’s world class yoga teachers:

Yoga Teacher

Lara Roux

Lara Roux is a well-known yoga teacher based in Cape Town. She brings a heart of knowledge and experience to her unique style of teaching. To know Lara is to know her energy, her irrepressible spirit, her lightness and her grace. 

She has a strength in her softness that resonates through her practice. The connection she has to life is amplified through her Yoga, exploring the heart, mind and soul connection of moving meditation.

Lara brings an openness to her practice that encourages the exploration of individual truth. Her teachings aspire to open ones’ heart and mind, letting the world go, while being mindful of the present moment.

Yoga Teacher

Joëlle Sleebos

Joëlle Sleebos is an international yoga teacher from the Netherlands living in Cape Town. She used to have a career as an economist and discovered yoga in 2007 in Australia as she has a passion for people’s health, well-being and vitality. In 2012 she made a radical change of career and changed her hobby into a full-time job in the fitness and yoga industry. Yoga has a central place in Joëlle’s life and has in many ways not only physically and mentally made her stronger, but has also made her live in a more mindful, balanced and conscious way. Yoga has been life changing for her.

“Find connection through Yoga with Joëlle.”

Yoga Teacher

Katinka Krabiell

Katinka Krabiell is a former teacher and today works as a mindfullness coach / spiritual counselor and is a yoga teacher with heart and soul.

She completed her first teacher training in 2016 after 14 years of yoga practice at the Bhakti Family on Bali with international teachers and since then has been teaching with great joy and devotion. She travels to yoga events and trainings around the world to get new inspiration for her classes. She completed her 300 h Jivamukti Teacher Training in November 2018 and since then has been doing her 800h apprenticeship at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. Her energetic work always flows into her classes.

“By combining yoga, coaching and energy work, I have found my niche and love to pass on my knowledge and love to my participants.”

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The practice of yoga helps you to find your inner balance / harmony, to overcome challenges in life and to create a more conscious and satisfying lifestyle.
Explore and strengthen the connection of body, mind & spirit – feel deeply relaxed, reconnected and happy…

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