Natural Beauty

A holistic health & wellness approach. Feel Beauty Inside Out.

EXPERIENCE natural beauty as a holistic wellness approach:
Natural beauty workshops with Lara addressing both sides “feel beauty from the inside” and “feel beauty from the outside” that help you to find your individual organic skincare routine.

Glow from the inside

Live your inner beauty

ENJOY a selection of exquisite natural skincare products from our partner brands in every bathroom. Natural beauty is for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

TIME to try & to experience long intensive skincare routines and to feel organic beauty on your skin. Time to GLOW naturally!

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Partner brands


Feel BEAUTY From The Inside

YLUMI is a natural food supplement based on certified traditional herbs & vital mushrooms and pursues a holistic wellbeing approach for body, mind and soul.

Different approved formulas from Germany strengthen your health, inner balance & beauty – your simple but effective inner beauty routine for a natural glow inside out.

Naya Glow

Feel BEAUTY From The Outside

NAYA is a committed and organic skincare brand convincing with their beautiful textures and formulating with fewer proven ingredients at higher concentration.

Products that you can feel good about for their ‘botanical science’, proven effectiveness and seed to skin life-cycle.

Naya approaches a holistic business concept for the skin and the community: besides their minimalistic skincare rage with Cacay being the hero ingredient, they work with a local partner to source their Cacay from indigenous communities directly from the Amazon.