Makona Holistic Retreat

Makona is the beauty of being aware, living the present moment and just being happy about what you have – time for appreciation and mindfulness.

The three elements yoga, wholesome nutrition and natural beauty help you to really feel “Makona” in harmony with your body, mind and soul.


Find Your FLOW

and GROW Your GLOW


A location that creates calm, yet also stimulates and inspires.

Experience Makona and pure serenity at unique and intimate hidden places. The specially selected Makona venues themselves already radiate a sense of calm, peace and satisfaction and make you feel amazing on arrival.

Makona takes you to authentic, exclusive and luxurious venues that tell their own story with beautiful connection to nature. Feels like home, get lost in the moment, let your soul dangle and forget everything else around you… that’s when you have arrived at Makona.

Private Group RetreatsCreate your Private Makona Retreat

Are you planning a special occasion such as your bachelorette party, birthday bash, your company’s team building event? Enquire for customised Makona private group retreats in a intimate setting tailored to your special needs.

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